Website Design For Entertainment Businesses

Do you work within the entertainment business? Then let me help you get noticed with a website development project specific to your audience and industry!

If you run a business within the entertainment industry, you will know all too well about the challenges involved in being seen. Many difficulties stem from being involved in the entertainment industry. For one, you have so much competition that you must do something to stand out. This is where I come in.

At KJK Designs, I provide web design for entertainment businesses across the Midlands and beyond. If you are opening any entertainment project or venue, my website development expertise is just what you are looking for.

WordPress Web Design Services

The websites I build are:

Working with an expert in web design for the entertainment industry

With my help, you can get all the assistance you need to quickly and easily understand what kind of website you need. Entertainment websites are often flashy, fun, easy to read, and offer easy calls to action to get people to sign-up, come along, and/or buy entry tickets.

Working with means you are left with an ideal option for an entertainment website. This can ensure that you can start to market your business properly, delivering high-quality access to anyone interested in coming along to your venue or event.

Website Design For Entertainment Businesses


Discover our process, and what steps we take during a typical project.

Any questions?

    You have a brief idea of how your future website will look like and need advice.

  2. QUOTE

    Based on your requirements, I will provide you with a quote, with completion time.


    You will provide a defined deposit to schedule the project into my calendar.


    You supply any assets and content needed for the website (logos, images, copy, etc…).


    I will design the website on a temporary domain and provide you with access in order to see changes at any time.


    I will test the site on various devices and web browsers for the best user experience. We will then review it together.

  7. LIVE

    Once agreed, I will make the website live on your hosting provider and ensure it’s correctly redirected to your URL.

Develop an entertainment website that stands out to your intended audience

My skills and expertise are such that you can work with me to get the audience interested and intrigued. I will create an exciting website that can easily:

  • Detail to your audience who you are and why they should come to your venue.
  • Encourage that audience to invest in tickets, reservations, and merchandising.
  • Create trust with your audience and ensure they know exactly what to expect on arrival.
  • Build hype about upcoming shows and events you want to get the local populace excited.
  • Take bookings and tickets to find another way to increase sales and revenue.
  • Provide information where people can learn about what you have on offer in the coming weeks.

This is all done by developing a smoothly operating website that looks great and provides easy access to every detail that someone might be looking for. We can help you get noticed, increase sales, and clarify every event and evening you might have planned in your venue.

Whatever kind of entertainment business you are in,  I have the skills to create an online platform that makes speaking directly to your audience much easier.

Take control of your businesses future with an entertainment website

The last thing you want to do is leave your venue to be found by chance. With a website, you can be easily found online, take bookings, and get people involved in your business in a way they would not have been in the past.

With my help, you can look forward to building a website for your entertainment business. Regardless of what kind of entertainment you provide, I can create a website that will make marketing yourself so much easier.

Reach out to me today for help, support, and insight on how I can make this possible.

Frequently asked questions

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Contact us

    How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing me.

    What happens if my website goes down?

    If something happens and your website needs immediate attention, I will be there to assist you. I have automatic website backups ready if we need to recover your website.

    How much does a freelance website designers charge?

    You can access my prices here.

    Do I own my website?

    Yes, the final website will be 100% owned by you.

    Does my website need an SSL Certificate?

    All websites I built are secured (green padlock next to the web address) with an SSL certificate. Having an SSL certificate is a factor Google uses and impacts search rankings. In addition, customers are becoming more aware of Internet dangers and how hackers can steal personal data.

    Do you provide web hosting services?

    Yes, but I always ask my clients if they want to keep their current provider or swap to a new one. If you are interested in web hosting services, please get in touch with me.

    Will I be able to edit my website after you built it?

    Yes, I use WordPress as Content Management System (CMS). The platform is pretty easy to use and do not require heavy knowledge in coding or web development. This will allow you to update images and texts as you want.

    Do you work with international clients?

    Yes, I use Trello to collaborate with my international clients.

    What are your payment terms?

    Payment is split into two parts: – 50% upfront – 50% before launching the website.

    Do you offer maintenance/ongoing support packages?

    Yes. Please get in touch with me or visit the dedicated page.

    Can you help with the maintenance of the website after launch?

    For up to two weeks after launching the website, I’ll fix or repair any broken feature. For an ongoing maintenance package, please get in touch with me.

    Will you optimise my website for search engines?

    The website will be built with on-page SEO to ensure that Google will love your website. I will ensure that SEO standards are applied to the website and optimise speed. SEO is an ongoing process, so after the website launch, you should keep investing in search engine optimisation to drive traffic to your website.

    What do I need to provide you with to get started?

    To get started, the following content will be needed:
    • Branding – A vectored version of your logo, in ai, eps or SVG file; the colour scheme to use and any marketing materials you have.
    • Photos – High-quality images for your product or service to showcase the best of your business. If you don’t have these yet, we can use stock images to illustrate sections of your website.
    • Copy – The most essential element of your website with photos is how you will engage with potential customers.

    How long will my website project take?

    Depending on the size of the project and the time allocated to collect content, information and feedback, projects take 3 to 5 weeks to be completed.

    How much does a website cost?

    My starting price is £499, for a one-page website. For e-commerce websites, the minimum investment is £1499.

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