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Get found by your target customers on Google.

What is search engine optimisation (SEO)?

The main objective of Search Engine Optimisation is to improve your visibility on search engines such as Google, used by 92% of Internet users. This can be done by targeting selecting keywords and takes four to six months to start seeing results.

Be found by local customers

I am proficient in SEO optimisation, helping you to connect with potential clients. From a few years working in a digital marketing agency, I have placed businesses on a spot where all their customers and potential clients will find them. I can achieve this through a unique ability in SEO optimisation. Optimising tour website for search engines will create unique opportunities for you and your business. Do you need to optimise your website for search engines? I am just a call away.
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The three results of SEO

More Online Visibility
Having the best looking websites help to differentiate yourself from your competitors but if no one can find it, it’s pointless. Get found with affordable search engine optimisation services.
More Traffic
You will get more traffic by ranking for quality keywords and implementing them using industry guidelines. Following Google’s best practices is crucial to generate results.
More Sales
Now that you have an attractive website, well-structured and optimised for search engines, you will improve your conversation rate and sales, by default. Let’s have a chat now.
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How it can be implemented

SEO is the long-term process of improving a website’s ranking in the organic listings on search engines. Here are the methods we use to improve rankings.
Website audit
I will perform a technical audit to make sure that Google knows that your website is existing.
Technical SEO
I will make sure that Google robots can crawl your website and access all your content.
Keyword research
I will research the keywords and terms used by your customers to look for your products or services.
Keyword optimisation
I will make sure that on-page search engines optimisation is applied for the keywords you are targeting.
From the keyword research, we will create relevant content for visitors and scheduled them on your website.
Link building
I will find externals links back to your website that will show Google the importance of your website.
Optimise my website


Discover our process, and what steps we take during a typical project.
The first step of any project is the audit. This will help us to check your website health and outline any issues or inconsistencies which may affect your rankings.
The keyword research will help us define which keywords and terms we will try to target, but also related quality keywords that you benefit your rankings.
Performing a competitor analysis will allow us to understand how much time and resources will be needed to obtain first page rankings and competitivity in your industry.
Once the keyword research and competitor analysis are done, I will be able to determine how much time should be invested each month to improve your search engine rankings.
Once we have agreed about the allocation of resources, we can create a road map or content strategy to optimise your website on the long-term and define SMART goals.
A monthly report created with Data Studio will be made available to track ranking levels, the website traffic and analyse if goals have been achieved.
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Additional services

Google Analytics Setup
To track down how many people are visiting your website and your most popular pages.
Social media advertising
Attract targeted visitors and leads within a short timeframe with social media ads.
Hosting packages
If you want to host your domain and email addresses with me, please get in touch.

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