Switching from Wix

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Scale your website to your needs

If you’ve reached the limitations of your website, it might be the time to look at a more customisable and scalable content management system (CMS) such as WordPress. Are you trying to decide if it’s the right time to switch from Wix to WordPress? Here are the reasons why you should make it happen
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Switching from Wix
Switching from Wix

How Much Does Each Platform Cost?

Wix offers a free plan, but you can’t choose your own domain and ads will be displayed on your website. Otherwise, you can choose monthly plans for regular websites or e-commerce stores. With WordPress, there are only two unavoidable fixed costs: Hosting – cheap shared hosting can be as little as £40 per year, Domain name – usually £10 per year If you want to purchase bespoke themes or plugins, you can buy them on WordPress marketplaces but they are not necessary to run your website.
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What about creating an online store on my website?

With Wix, you can either choose from templated stores or add the store app to an existing site. The e-commerce functionality is only available in the Store plans, from £13 to £22 per month. With WordPress, you’ll need to install the free e-commerce plugin called Woocommerce to turn on e-commerce functionalities and sell physical products. 26% of all online stores use WooCommerce.
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Switching from Wix
Switching from Wix

Get your website optimised for SEO

Ahrefs released a study on Wix vs WordPress SEO. They analyzed 6.4 million domains and found that 46.1% of WordPress sites got some organic traffic. Wix in comparison only had 1.4% of its domains seeing organic traffic. However, due to many factors, a lot of the data is inconclusive. Such as, perhaps more SEO work is simply being done on WordPress sites as opposed to Wix.
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Additional services

Google Analytics Setup
To track down how many people are visiting your website and your most popular pages.
Social media advertising
Attract targeted visitors and leads within a short timeframe with social media ads.
Hosting packages
If you want to host your domain and email addresses with me, please get in touch.

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