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Local SEO is important for any business looking to dominate in a specific geographic area. Let me help you improve your local visibility online starting today.

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As a website owner, one of the most important elements of the growth of your website is your search engine optimisation (SEO). Having a website that is properly organised and prepared in a way that the search engines appreciate goes a very long way to ensuring your website performs to the expected standard. However, while you need to enact some crucial general SEO practices, you must also focus on your local SEO if you are targeting a specific area.

At KJK Designs, I provide all the help and support you need to maximise your local SEO potential. One call is all it takes to determine what I can do to make your local SEO planning and preparation easier.

Benefits of search engine optimisation

The three results of SEO

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Local SEO Services

Get to the first page and dominate your local market

As a Walsall-based web design agency, I provide the support and expertise you need to feel good about your prospects. Using tried and tested local SEO methods ensures that your website is moving up the rankings naturally and organically.

Without using underhand techniques or short-term solutions, I build long-term success for your website. How do I do this? I use proven local SEO tactics that catch the audience you wish to attract.

I work with businesses across the Midlands and beyond to create local SEO that does the job you need. By finding the right keywords and building content and marketing around those terms, I will ensure you are being seen by the locals you wish to attract.

Local Seo Services

Local Seo Process

Discover our process, and what steps we take during a typical project.

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    The first step of any project is the audit. This will help us to check your website health and outline any issues or inconsistencies which may affect your rankings.


    The keyword research will help us define which keywords and terms we will try to target, but also related quality keywords that you benefit your rankings.


    Performing a competitor analysis will allow us to understand how much time and resources will be needed to obtain first page rankings and competitivity in your industry.


    Once the keyword research and competitor analysis are done, I will be able to determine how much time should be invested each month to improve your search engine rankings.


    Once we have agreed about the allocation of resources, we can create a road map or content strategy to optimise your website on the long-term and define SMART goals.


    A monthly report created with Data Studio will be made available to track ranking levels, the website traffic and analyse if goals have been achieved.

More visibility = more customers

Why do you need local SEO?

Unless you go regional or national, you will have a local focus. Almost every small to medium-sized business will be focused on a specific town or towns. This is why you must have local SEO: stand out in those areas.

If your business is based in Walsall, gaining leads in London is less useful than gaining leads in your city and the surrounding areas like Wolverhampton or Dudley. My local SEO services ensure you are visible where you want and need to be.

The local SEO process with KJK Designs

I use a proven process that ensures we can use your local SEO to your advantage. What do I do, and how I do it?

  1. First, we will meet to work out your goals for your website development aims; then, we can make an SEO plan.
  2. This involves analysing the local area to find out who your main competition will be and what marketing methods we must implement to overcome this competition.
  3. Then building a target audience profile so that we know who we will be addressing in our local SEO efforts.
  4. We find the right keywords to focus on – the terms your local audience is searching for regularly. This helps us craft the local SEO campaign based on their searches.
  5. Over time, we then watch as the local SEO profile shapes. We closely monitor the developments taking place and adjust your campaign as needed to build consistency.
  6. As the local SEO progresses, we provide regular reporting so that you can see exactly what metrics our campaigns build and develop. This helps you to see exactly what we are doing.

This proven method works best for me when developing local SEO campaigns. By working with you to better understand exactly what you are dealing with, we ensure you get all the answers and insights you need.

Thanks to our thorough preparation, you can look forward to organic local SEO results that pay off now and in the future.

Work with a local SEO specialist who knows your audience

The most important aspect of any local SEO campaign is making sure that locals feel like they are speaking to someone who is, in fact, nearby.  By creating local SEO campaigns that speak to your audience in particular, we make it much easier for your campaigns to grow and develop accordingly. This results in more effective SEO and a more reliable result that works now and in the future.

Start with a local SEO audit

Before anything, I first need to make sure that I understand your business, its aims, and its intentions. I also have to understand what kind of local SEO goals you have and what type of implementations have already been put into place. This all starts with a quick, simple discussion over a phone call.

I can identify any issues with your current local SEO, and we can develop clear plans of action to help overcome these issues and build a better future for your business. In short, we can remove the challenges often associated with building a website with a local focus.

For help and insight on how to turn your website around, the best place to start is a local SEO audit. Whether you have a website developed by me or your own, I can help you take your local SEO campaign even further.

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