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Get all of the help that you need with maintaining your WordPress website with KJK Designs. Professional support and insight that guarantees consistent results.

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Keep your WordPress website working to its peak potential

WordPress can make the process of running a website very easy indeed. That said, even the best WordPress website must be maintained and managed over time. Are you struggling to find the time to manage and maintain your website? Let me help.

With KJK Designs, you are working with a Walsall-based website maintenance specialist. Not only do I build quality websites that are easy to use for both user and owner, but I also maintain them. I’m here to help ensure that your WordPress website runs smoothly, is 100% secure, and is backed up by best practices regarding things like optimisation and features.

Like many business owners, you might not have the time to maintain your website. This is a time-consuming task, and it is easy to make mistakes that create more problems than they solve. That is why having a professional WordPress maintenance specialist involved can be so beneficial.

For help keeping your website running at peak potential, contact me today about my WordPress maintenance services tailored to your needs and requirements.

Keep all of your plugins and security solutions up-to-date

Given the size of WordPress, it is a development platform constantly evolving and changing. While this ensures that WordPress stays ahead of the competition, it does mean that older, un-updated websites might become problematic. This might come from outdated plugins that are no longer working as they should. It might even stem from a security flaw that hackers and attackers are exploiting.

Therefore, ensuring that your WordPress website is always kept up-to-date is essential. These aspects of website development might slip your mind but are crucial to the security and performance of your website. That is why my support and expertise can be so essential to your chances of success.

Worried that your website might become at risk due to security flaws or outdated plugins? Let our WordPress maintenance services resolve that issue for you before this becomes a problem.

Improve WordPress website performance and speed

As an internet user, ask yourself this: is anything more annoying than a website that takes minutes to load?

If your website takes more than a few seconds to load up, you can expect your bounce rates (people leaving your website) to increase dramatically. Today’s competition means that your visitors and users will not wait around. If your website does not perform and load to the standard expected, they will leave.

WordPress maintenance is critical for ensuring that website performance does not degrade. Over time, it is almost certain that it will. That is why having someone like me involved is beneficial.

If you are worried that slow performance is damaging your website’s reputation, let us help resolve these issues for quicker website performance on both desktop and mobile.

Why choose KJK Designs for your website maintenance?

  • I’m an experienced web designer who understands website development.
  • I have crucial knowledge and insight about WordPress performance others lack.
  • Focusing on the most critical performance metrics helps us to create consistency.
  • Nothing about WordPress surprises me; I know this CMS like the back of my hand.
  • I regularly assist with WordPress websites I did not build.

In short, I understand exactly what you want. Best of all? With my help, you can know that your website will not suffer from issues like downtime or performance spikes.

Stay safer with backups and rapid response

One major part of WordPress maintenance services is daily backups. Should anything go wrong with your website, I have a backup that is as close to real-time as you can expect. This ensures that your website is always quickly rebuilt should an issue occur.

I can provide immediate support and response to any issues that pop up. You can expect all WordPress maintenance tickets to be taken care of within 24 hours, and I will let you know the status of your issue. I make sure that you always have peace of mind.

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I can Fix Anything

What type of WordPress support do I offer?

Your website is not working well and features are crashing, I can help! I can help you resolve these problems on your website:

  • Your website is down or displaying an “Error establishing a database connection” message.
  • You are getting a "You don’t have permission to access ‘/’ on this server." error page
  • A WordPress update broke your site.
  • Strange characters suddenly show up all over your site.
  • You are getting a "WordPress Connection Timed Out" error page
  • When trying to log into WordPress, the login page keep redirecting and refreshing.
  • Your WordPress admin area has scrambled and shows designs and patterns.
  • You’re locked out of your admin panel, and your website is displaying only a blank page.
  • You’re getting complaints from customers regarding a red warning about hackers when they visit your website.
  • You’re getting some sort of error on every page.
  • You need to edit your website urgently.
  • You are getting a "WordPress Internal Server Error" error page
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    Looking for a reliable WordPress expert to manage your site? Let me take care of that for you.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Let me answer some of your questions. If you need more details, please get in touch with me.

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      Do you make custom-built WordPress sites or use premium themes?

      I only build custom-built WordPress sites using AutomaticCSS as a CSS Framework. When you get a custom-built website, the website is built around you so you can edit/update it easily. I use Custom Post Types (CPT) to organise the content.

      From time to migrate, I’m required to work on or migrate websites built on WordPress premium themes.

      Do you offer maintenance on delivered sites?

      Yes, I offer maintenance through my Website Maintenance service. I can offer complete maintenance, including content updates, security and performance audits.

      What happens if my website goes down?

      If something happens and your website needs immediate attention, I will be there to assist you. I have automatic website backups ready if we need to recover your website.

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