Website Migrations

Looking to move your website from one content management system to another? Let me help you make a confusing process much quicker and simpler.

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Migrations from Wix or Squarespace to WordPress

Get control over your website with WordPress

When you have a website, there might come a time when you need to think about moving it from one developer to another. For example, you might have a website based on a platform like Wix or Squarespace. If that is the case, you might decide to move on from that provider – but you do not want to lose your website and everything you worked for. That is why you need help with website migrations.

If you want support migrating your website from one platform to WordPress, I can help you make the process far less confusing. What can often start as an ‘easy’ transition can soon become confusing.

It is easy to make mistakes and leave yourself with a website that does not work as you would have wanted. Or to find that you are facing challenges to which you cannot find a solution. Instead of scrapping your website and starting from scratch, you can contact me to help you.

Website migrations made easy

Managing the website migration for you

A migration process can be highly confusing, especially if you have never done so. If you want help making this complex process easier, you need only contact me for help. I can migrate your website over and ensure that nothing is lost during the process, only gained.

With my help, you can see the website back up and running on WordPress as soon as possible. Whether you use Squarespace, Wix, Yell, or any other typical website builder does not matter. I can have your website migrated from one platform to another soon.

This means you can quickly have your website back up and running, ready to be used however you wish. Whether you have grown tired of the website builder you use or want more control, we can help you.

Backups to keep your website safe

Never lose your data

Losing data due to a migration issue is one of the most challenging aspects of any website migration. Whether it is down to a mistake during the migration process or a system error that cannot restore your data. With KJK Designs, backups of everything are made beforehand so that we can ensure every last piece of data gets to your new location.

Thanks to my experience migrating from any website builder to WordPress, I ensure nothing is left regarding features or functionality. This ensures that your website can continue to operate as it did before the migration – in many cases, it can even be improved. If you need help with the website post-migration, I can provide support via website development and maintenance moving forward.

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Frequently asked questions

Let me answer some of your questions. If you need more details, please get in touch with me.

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    Do you make custom-built WordPress sites or use premium themes?

    I only build custom-built WordPress sites using AutomaticCSS as a CSS Framework. When you get a custom-built website, the website is built around you so you can edit/update it easily. I use Custom Post Types (CPT) to organise the content.

    From time to migrate, I’m required to work on or migrate websites built on WordPress premium themes.

Do you need to migrate your website to WordPress?

Help me migrate my website

Work with me for your website migration, and I’ll ensure nothing goes wrong. I make website migrations simple, so let me help.

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