Why WordPress Is A Better Alternative To Squarespace


WordPress is the world’s most used content management system (CMS); however, it isn’t the only one accessible if you need to create a website for your business. I have already written about switching from Wix, but today I’m going to cover Squarespace.

Squarespace is one alternative to WordPress that offer some of WordPress’ features and capacities. Even though it has a simple interface, Squarespace comes up short on the adaptability, freedom and customisation. Here are some of the reasons why WordPress is a better long-term alternative for setting up your website, rather than Squarespace.

Squarespace: Beautiful Sites, Limited Options 

Squarespace works with monthly and yearly pricing, the cheapest plan starts at £10 per month for a catalogue website and £30 per month for advance e-commerce websites. You can create beautiful and attractive websites, but options are always limited when you have no coding experience. Squarespace is well-known among bloggers and creatives who love the usability and basic setup to make beautiful layouts.

One of the main reason you shouldn’t use Squarespace is on-page SEO. With the basic plan, you would need to code to implement on your website while with WordPress, you can use plugins such as Yoast SEO or Rank Math to optimise your pages for search engines. Nowadays, a website optimised for search engines is a cost-effective way to get potential customers from Google.

Moreover, if your business is international and you need to display pages in different languages, you can’t do this with Squarespace as they don’t support translations features.

WordPress: Unlimited Control and Flexibility 

WordPress is a free and open-source platform that you can use to create a catalogue website, an e-commerce shop or a membership website. With WordPress, “the sky is the limit” as you can pretty much make any website for your business. Even those with no coding experience can make a website with WordPress, using editors such as Gutenberg or drag and drop builders such as Divi or Elementor.

Setting Up and Customising Sites 

Squarespace makes it simple for debutants to set up a website. Like WordPress users, you can browse a few layouts, for example, a portfolio or e-commerce site: however, your decisions are restricted to the styles offered by Squarespace itself. Besides little changes, such as changing tones and textual styles, or adding your pictures, you can’t do a lot about customisation choices. 

If you are currently using Squarespace and need more freedom for your website, get in touch with me to discuss how WordPress can unlock your design needs.